Do you have an appetite for bright?

ANTIPASTEL is about original, colourful, affordable handmade creations that make people smile. Designed in Sydney, Australia, ANTIPASTEL jewellery and textiles feature comic book-style illustrations inspired by cookbooks, cartoons, Australian flora/fauna and popular cuisine. All jewellery is hand-illustrated, handmade, hypoallergenic.

Playing on popular Australian emblems like prawns, summer BBQs and beer, ANTIPASTEL creations are both instantly recognisable and completely original; designed to inspire confidence, creativity and individuality. You could say they have a distinctly Australian 'flavour'.

ANTIPASTEL profile landscape
"I founded ANTIPASTEL to express what was in my head in a wearable way. The products have always had a way of creating themselves as a result of that. I want to brighten the world, one illustration at a time." - Michaela Stone, Founder/Designer/All-Round-General-'Er', ANTIPASTEL


ANTIPASTEL supports OzHarvest: we're teaming up with OzHarvest to help provide meals to people in need. Every ANTIPASTEL lunch bag or beeswax pack sold = 1 meal delivered to a person in need. Find out more about OzHarvest.

 ANTIPASTEL is a proud supporter of OzHarvest